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5 of our favourite fairy light hacks

If you’ve read one of our blogs before then it will come as no surprise to hear that we’ve been spending most of our days lost in our Pinterest feed.

Between the rustic wedding ideas and home lighting inspiration we just can’t look away, but recently something else has been catching our eye! We’ve been drawn to all the amazing DIYs people have done with their fairy lights, maybe it’s because the weather has been less than summery but looking at all of these DIYs just made us want to stay in with our glue gun. If you’ve had any similar feelings then keep reading because we’re going to share some of the best fairy light DIYs Pinterest has to offer.

DIY light up paper garland

This DIY is one we hadn’t seen before but are desperate to try for ourselves, not only is this perfect for weddings but we also think it’s perfect for birthday parties. Click the photo to see how Anna at made this amazing paper garland.

Pastel paper cup lights

We love DIYs that use things you might already have in the house so this is perfect for that, it’s also a great way to continue a party theme throughout your home if you have some left over party cups. Click the photo to see how Rhiannon at created this adorable DIY.

Boohoo string lights

Another DIY that encourages you to reuse things you might already have at home! Find out how Lacey at created these super cool boohoo fairy lights using ribbons, lace and lots of other pieces of fabric that you may already have lying around the house.

Colourful fabric cup lights

Another colourful cup creation, this time Taylor at used plastic cups with colourful fabrics, so if you’ve got a stash of colourful fabric cuttings you want to use up, this is the DIY for you.

Party hat string lights

Another great addition to any party, this DIY lets you use old or new party hats to create a super fun and colourful string light. Find out exactly how the people at created these party ready lights by clicking on the photo.

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