DIY Tissue Paper Poms Poms With Festoon Lights

If you’re in the middle of planning your dream wedding or, like me, enjoy spending your evenings scrolling through Pinterest, you’re bound to have seen some of the stunning photos of tissue paper pom poms combined with festoon lights that have been making the rounds.

If you’ve been looking for some affordable wedding decorations and don’t mind getting your hands dirty then read on for our quick and easy guide to making your own pom poms! Don’t worry if you’ve not got any upcoming nuptials to plan for either, because these also look amazing at parties.


wedding grey pom poms

What you will need :

  • Tissue paper (any colour)
  • String
  • Scissors


How to make your pom poms

    1. The first thing you’ll need to do is get at least 5 sheets of tissue paper – don’t worry too much about the size, as long as the sheets are similar sizes then you can make your poms as big or as small as you like.pom1
    2. Next begin to fold the sheets of tissue paper in a concertina pattern, which might sound confusing but it just means folding your paper at about an inch and a half then folding it back on itself and repeating!pom3
    3. Once you have finished folding the paper you need to secure it in the middle. We used string but you could also use floral wire or cable ties, we used quite a bit of string as we were planning to hang them up after but you can always add extra string later.pom4
    4. Next cut the ends of your tissue paper in to curved or triangular edges, we chose the triangular method for this one as we liked this effect best.pom5
    5. Now you can begin to pull apart the pom pom, taking it lightly a layer at a time and bringing it in to the middle. Continue to do this until every layer has been separated and your pom pom has begun to take shape.pom6
    6. Take a little time just to move the layers around making sure you have to exact shape you want.pom7
  1. Now you’re basically done all you have to do is decide how to display it, we chose to hang each one individually from the ceiling using blue tack, but you could string them together like bunting or even simply place them on tables around your event.

The finished article

Here are our finished decorations. To create the full Pinterest effect you could also loosely hang festoon lights around them. We hope you have fun recreating this look and we’d love to see your efforts, so remember to tag us in any photos. You can find us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter!

finished pom