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Where To Hang Your Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights, Fairy Lights, Where to Hang My Fairy Lights?

Those twinkly little drops of illuminating joy we all know and love, the beautiful lights of the fairy variety, are adorning homes up and down the country. However, it has come to our attention that some people are at a loss as to where to put these charming creations. People are either missing out on the chance to maximise the full potential of the wondrous fairy light, by putting them somewhere unimaginative, or they simply have no idea what to do with them at all!

For all those out there who are desperate to inject a little fairy light magic into their homes, but need a helping hand and some inspiration to get the most out of them, here’s a selection of our favourite fairy fashions and features!

Bohemian Boudoir

Let’s take this upstairs . . . Fairy lights in the bedroom are perfect to create a relaxed and welcoming ambience. Make a captivating canopy by using soft, sheer fabrics or create a heavenly headboard by wrapping the lights around an existing bed frame or fixing them to the wall. We’ve got some hints and tips on how to hang fairy lights without nails here.

fairy lights bedroom curtain white fairy lights bedroom curtain

No-Fuss, Fairy Fireplace
Whether indoors or outdoors, it’s so simple to create an eco-friendly, heat-free fire from the radiating glow of fairy lights, especially with wire lights like the ones in the images below. Go for a natural twinkling effect by twisting and manipulating the wire in different directions, or wrap them around upright branches to make a sparkling statement to stand at the side of your fireplace.

no fuss fairy outdoorno fuss fairy fireplace

Garden Fairies
There’s nothing more enchanting than a garden illuminated by lights. Whether they’re traditional fairy lights, festoon lights or ones with novelty shapes, like butterflies and lanterns, they will transform your outdoor space into a whimsical wonderland! You can hang them along fences, drape them along garden furniture and tables or wrap them around the branches and trunk of a tree; as long as they’re suitable for outdoor use, your options are almost limitless!

outdoor fairy tree outdoor fairy tree sky

Picture Perfect

Fairy lights are not purely for decorative purposes, they have practical uses too. Use them attached along the wall, like string, to hang all your favourite photographs; this is a beautiful feature but is also a unique way of displaying and sharing your memories. You could also place your pictures and mementos in a frame and enhance it by running the lights around the outside; a really simple, yet beautiful, effect.

peg fairy lights

fairy light photos

Mirror Mirror

Who’s the fairiest of them all? Add a little Hollywood glamour to your bedroom, dressing room, hallway, basically anywhere you have a mirror, by draping your fairy lights over the mirror. Not only does this make a stunning feature, it is well known that the magical powers of the fairy light will cast the spell of a beautiful complexion, as the soft warm glow shines across your face!

mirror fairy lightslarge mirror wire lights

Kitchen Glitz and Bathroom Brights

Fairy lights are the perfect addition to kitsch up your kitchen and brighten up your bathroom. You can even get novelty shaped lights to really embrace the theme or simply run some clear LEDs along doorframes and over worktops in the kitchen or create the illusion of a starry sky ceiling for when you’re luxuriating in the tub.

kitchen fairy lightsbathroom fairy lights

We hope this post has given you the ideas and confidence to go forth and conquer the world of fairy lights and maximise their full potential! As always, we love to see your pictures, so if you’ve used fairy lights in one of these ways, or any other, let us know by sharing your photos on Twitter or tag us on Instagram, make sure you use the hashtag #MyFestiveLights and we’ll share our favourites.