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Bathroom lighting ideas

Whilst decorative and particularly fairy lighting around the home has become increasingly popular in recent times, you might not think to use them in the bathroom. Here are some ideas to help you do just that though, whether you are wanting to add a touch of romance to your evening bath or a softer light to read by.

1. Battery tea and candle lights around your bath

Candles and tea lights are the perfect way to add some story book romance to your bath time, but real flame candles can be hazardous especially when trying to wash your hair (you don’t want to learn this the hard way). Luckily battery powered tea and candle lights are readily available in a variety of colours and styles including submersible options – more on these in point 4.


Placing candles or tea lights around your bathtub is a beautiful way of simply adding some romance and ambience to your nightly bath.


2. Fairy light Hollywood mirror or starry night ceiling

Fairy lights are among the most popular varieties of home lighting, thanks in part to their flexibility and ease of use. They can work particularly well in the bathroom; try creating this stunning starry ceiling above your bath or even drape lights around your mirror for that old Hollywood glamour feel. A great alternative to your standard bathroom light.


Use fairy lights in a range of places around your bathroom to lovely effect.


3. Rustic bathroom branch lights

Branch lights are a lovely alternative to using standard flowers or branches in vases. Twig lights, as they are also known, can add both a subtle glow and effortlessly rustic feel to any area of your bathroom, we like using them to brighten dimly lit corners.


Either use branch lights to run along a roof or object to create a rustic feel, or place in a vase for elegant decor.


4. Submersible and floating lights in the bathtub

Submersible lighting seems to be growing in popularity and can be perfect for that relaxing end of the week bath you’ve been dreaming about. Choose from submersible lights to add a tinted glow to your tub or floating tea lights for a more romantic dip.


Tailor made for use in the bath, choose submersible lights to provide a sparkling glow in your bathtub. Never worry about dropping a candle in the water again!


5. Strip lights around mirrors and baths

Strip lighting is a superb way to add an understated modern look to any bathroom. They look especially elegant hidden behind mirrors and placed under bathtubs for a subtle back-lighting effect.


Strip lighting is a modern, stylish way to add understated light in your bathroom. Use it around mirrors, walls, or even the bath itself to create a fantastic effect.


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