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Lagom, 2017’s answer to hygge?

Has 2017 got the new secret to a happy home and a happy life?

If you’ve spent even an hour of the last year on the internet or in a book shop then you’re probably aware of the Danish ideas of Hygge, even if you’re not quite sure how to pronounce it, well never fear, 2017 has a new concept for happy living, and this one is much easier to pronounce. Lagom is a Swedish concept that roughly translates to “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right”. We touched on Lagom in our recent blog on 5 key autumnal trends but thought it deserved a bit more investigation.

So is Lagom set to dominate this year the same way Hygge did and can this concept be applied to interiors in the same way?

Lagom works on the idea of having just enough; never too much and never too little (the Swedish version of Goldie locks). It’s all about balance, and living in a way that is sustainable and simple. In design and interior terms living Lagom is as simple as, “less is more” keeping your head and your home uncluttered and is probably slightly easier to live by than the wonderful world of Hygge.

Hygge, or the Danish idea of “cosiness”, is basically a lifelong duvet day. Some people also refer to it as the “art of creating intimacy” (either with yourself, friends or your home). While there’s no one clear English word to describe Hygge, cosiness seems to be the mostly widely used and accepted to define it. It can be created in any space with the addition of warm blankets, lots of candles, a roaring fire and copious amounts of hot chocolate, but if not executed properly can end up looking something between tranquil and tattered.

So is the Swedish idea of Lagom the next big thing in the UK? There are a few people who seem to think so; Lagom, a magazine that emphases the benefits of leading a balanced life, was founded by a couple in Bristol in 2014 and Ikea have recently released their Live Lagom project, which focuses on clean, simple and versatile designs. Vogue was even telling us to abandon our Hygee habits back in January, and who are we to question what is or inst “in Vogue”.

Despite this were all big fans of all things cozy and anything that involved blankets, candles and a couple of fairy lights is fine by us, so we think we’ll probably be sticking to a Hygee way of life, but we want to know what you think, will you be tossing out your many cosy comforts for a clean space and mind or are you in no rush to give up your fully socks and marshmallow topped beverages? Let us know!