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Autumn interior trends 2017

Well, autumn is here and, while your top priority might be finding a new coat, you might also be thinking about adding some autumnal additions to your home.

Gone are the summer brights and thin fabrics, we need natural materials, thick blankets, warm colours and candles and we need them now.

This autumn, you’re going to want to bring the outside in (since it won’t be warm enough to actually be outside). 2017 is all about deep warm colours, from warm grey to blush pink and dark green, we’re also seeing a rise in raw unchanged materials like oak and bamboo paired with industrial man-made ones such as steel and concrete.

Here are our top 5 trends to look out for and to add to your home this side of 2017:

Another 50 shades

No surprise here, grey is still in style, clearly, we all just can’t get enough of it! From light greys to dark greys and even warmer greys we’ve seen them all, and we love them all. Luckily you’ll find a shade to go with any season, any style and any room.

Think pink

Pink doesn’t seem to be going anywhere this year either; we started the year with the rise of millennial pink and, as the weather gets colder, we’re moving into deeper versions of the colour, teaming deep blush pinks with even deeper emerald greens.

Au naturale

Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to interiors, a lot of designers have been looking back to nature, not only for their inspirations but their materials too.

One of the easiest ways to create this style in your home is by adding twigs and branches anywhere you can, from twigs with lights to long-lasting painted ones, and even ones with berries, you can find the perfect natural branch for every season. If you have a bit more time, and budget, try creating a mantelpiece or table out of some lovingly refurbished and reclaimed wood.

Penny for your quarts

Another trend that’s stuck around, but has changed slightly, is the use of different precious stones. I think we can all agree that last year was definitely the year of marble, but this year we’re seeing a clear shift to other, more rugged and raw stones like agate and rose quarts.

Living Lagom

Move over Hygge, Lagom has arrived and we think it might be here to stay past autumn.

This Scandinavian idealism is less about creating a warm and cosy Hygge feeling and more about how you approach your life as a whole.

In design terms, it’s as simple as less is more; it basically translates to “just the right amount” and is much easier to live by than the wonderful world of Hygge. Living Lagom can be as simple as keeping your life, your head and your home uncluttered (well it’s easier to pronounce at least).


If you enjoyed this post, or have some trends we missed, make sure you let us know in the comments below!