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Out of the Dark: The History of Lighting

The History of Lighting

It’s no surprise that the team at Festive Lights are big fans of all things light related, and that extends far beyond the festive and fairy lights that we’re named for.

From the dawn of time, light has been a necessity for mankind, allowing us to spend our days finding food and exploring. Our video starts right at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start), takes us through the discovery of fire and into oil lamps and the first candle – lighting the way for generations to come.

But light is no longer just functional. Our video delves into the introduction of light as decoration, how it’s developed over time and how it’s now used, right from the neon bulbs and the very first LED to today’s big screen TVs, car headlights and, of course, fairy lights.

You know what, we’ll let the video speak for itself. Sit back, relax and enjoy getting to know a little more about how we came Out of the Dark in the History of Lighting: