Interior Décor

Make your own neon style heart

Over recent years, neon has become more and more popular; it’s no longer reserved for bars and restaurants, it’s now become a great way to add personality to your home. But neon lights can be quite expensive, especially if you want them personalised (they can also be broken very easily). So if you’re obsessed with the look of neon signs, but not so obsessed with the price tag, then we have the DIY for you.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought this was the best time to show you our quick and easy take on a neon effect sign, using rope light. Rope light can be very inexpensive and comes in a huge range of colours. It can easily be moulded into any shape you like, with things you have around the home, unlike neon light which you would definitely need a professional to make. So if you’re feeling a little crafty, then stick around to see exactly how we made this amazing neon effect rope light heart sign for under £35.

What you will need:


      1. First, take your rope light and decide where the bottom of your heart will be, then secure this part to the bottom of the grid with a cable tie.


      1. Next, choose where you need the bend in your heart to be (the middle), and add heat.


      Tip* Adding heat will make your rope light easier to bend, and will stop the light inside from snapping. We recommend using a hairdryer for around 1-2 minutes.

      1. Now bend the rope light and secure it with another clear cable tie.


      1. Mould your rope light into the perfect heart shape, and secure it to the grid with more cable ties.


      1. Any leftover rope light can be secured to the lead cable with the remaining cable ties.