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5 new Halloween décor ideas

It’s that time of year again, time to polish your pumpkins and brandish your broomsticks because … it’s finally Halloween! (Pause for applause).

If you can’t already tell, we’re pretty big fans of Halloween; anything that combines fancy dress, fun décor and chocolate will always be a hit with us. So, as usual, we’ve been spending our days searching through Pinterest looking for new and exciting Halloween décor ideas, and we think we’ve found a few you might like.

So, whether you’re on the lookout for cheap but creepy, or spooky yet sophisticated, we’ve got all the best ideas for Halloween 2017 right here!


Medusa mat

We love anything that is minimal effort for maximum effect. Hiding snakes under your doormat looks great and will take no time at all, plus it’s the perfect way to prepare your guests and ghouls for what’s to come once they step into your haunted house.

Golden pumpkin

Who said sophisticated had to mean spending? You can create these fun and fancy pumpkin jars by simply spray painting a budget, pumpkin-shaped trick or treat bucket.

Top tip- we think they might look even better in copper.

Ghouls and garlands

Make your own stylish Halloween garland by painting fallen leaves, luckily we’ve got lots of these lying around in October!

I see you

An oldie but a goody; when in doubt, scribble a creepy message across your mirror in a blood-like substance (most likely red lipstick).

Top tip– Make use of the time it takes your guests to read the passage, this could be the perfect time to jump out at them in your costume.

Creepy crawlies

If you really feel like creeping your guests out, then cover your home in bugs. Anything from cockroaches to spiders will work and you can have them flooding out of any crevices in your home.


The perfect Halloween party isn’t just about décor, you need creepy music, creepy food and of course a creepy costume. If you’re looking for Halloween ideas, check out our adult Halloween party pack.