Technical Advice

Technical Advice

How to install lights on a wooden fence

At Festive Lights, we get asked lots of questions about lighting, especially how to fix lights to different surfaces. One question that gets asked a lot is, how do I install lights on a wooden fence?

If this is something you’d like to know more about, then you’re in luck! Take a couple of moments to watch our informative video, or scroll down to read the step by step instructions below on how to achieve this with both fairy lights and rope light.


String lights:

  • Plan suitable spacing and mark all nail clip locations
  • Using a small hammer, carefully hit the nail into the wood
  • Once all clips are inserted, start securing the lights under the clip
  • If any clips come loose, return with the hammer to knock them in further – cut off the excess tie with scissors or cable snips


With rope lights:

  • Again mark where each rope light clip will be fixed, every 30cm is the most commonly used
  • Screw in each clip, making sure the clamps are aligned correctly
  • Push in the rope light to fit securely