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Christmas Decor Tips with Dee Campling

This Christmas we have sought expert advice from interior stylist and Instagrammer, Dee Campling to give us her tips and tricks for a stress free, fabulous, Christmas! For this week’s installation we are talking all things decorating! Dee is going to show you some Christmas Décor tips: From how you should decorate your tree to how little interior tips add maximum festive cheer this festive season! Keep reading to find out more:


Fragrance Sticks are the perfect addition to every tree, wreath and garland this Christmas! These small strongly scented sticks can be placed discreetly on the branches of an artificial Christmas tree, wreath or garland. Now your tree and home can smell, as well as look, Christmassy. In the video below Dee explains our Fragrance Sticks and shows you just how easy they are to add into your display.

The most important decorating tip of 2019, in our honest opinion, is decorating “from the inside out”. As explained by Dee below, this method of tree decorating builds up colour and texture, and most importantly interest on your tree, giving  a full and even coverage. Our Top Tip: If you use shiny textured shatterproof baubles on the side of the tree they will also help to fill gaps in your tree, if you have any, by reflecting back into the room and away from the centre post of the tree.

Using oversized items, and unique shaped items, adds interest and an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ style charm to your Christmas decorations. It’s very magical and gives depth to the decorations, instead of them all being very uniform and blending together as they are the same size and colour. We’ve used oversized bird houses and acorns on our Mystical Woodland theme tree. Oversized decorations are not just for the tree though! Use them on fireplaces or on wreaths to add the same charm and uniqueness!

As well as using oversized items on our Mystical Woodland tree, one of Dee’s top tips is to use nature. It’s not only free (most of the time) to use foraged items from the woods, but it also keeps your home smelling like fresh flowers, and woodland scents! Pine cones can also be spray painted or decorated with glitter to give them a pop of festive sparkle!

Check back next week for our next instalment of Dee Campling’s Christmas tips and tricks! If you’ve tried any of these tips, or already knew them, then let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to share your images on Twitter or tag us on Instagram, making sure you use our hashtag #ShareTheJoy – and we’ll share our favourites!

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