Technical Advice

Technical Advice

Why Use Connectable Lights

Festoon lights for your tree

Want to create a beautiful outdoor lighting display, but don’t know where to start? The solution for many people is connectable lights. Begin by watching this video and then check out the benefits of connectable lights below…



The Benefits of Connectable Lights


Power your entire display from just one plug

Make messy wires and extension leads a thing of the past. Just a single socket can power thousands of LED lights.


Save money

Connectable lights are usually cheaper than standard LED lights because you don’t need to pay for the power source every time. So whilst the initial purchase of a power pack or starter cable might irk, the more lights you purchase thereafter, the more you save.


Low energy consumption

LED lights use up to 90% less power than the old filament bulbs, and a large display won’t cost much to run at all. There are also battery and low voltage options available.


For all year use

Connectable lights aren’t just for Christmas. As the video shows, they can be used for parties, weddings, events, in the garden or for commercial use.


Outstanding choice

Different types and colours of lights can be connected together. Connect fairy lights to icicle lights to an illuminated reindeer figure – the choice is yours.


Customisable lengths

Connectable lights strings can come in a number of different lengths, starting from as small as 1m, meaning that you can accurately design your display, rather than being limited to a 20m static set of lights.


Add to your display each year

Connectable lights are built to last, so you can build on your display each year. Just remember to send us a photo.