Technical Advice

Technical Advice

What is the difference between low and mains voltage connectable lights?

Difference between ac and dc

One of the questions we are asked year after year when people come to purchase connectable lights is “what’s the difference between low voltage and mains voltage?” The most obvious one is that low voltage uses a transformer to bring the voltage down to 24V, whereas mains voltage runs at 230V, but there are more…

Visual Differences


Feature Comparison

Low Voltage

  • Power pack – low voltage systems are run from a power pack, containing a plug, transformer and controller. There are 3 different sizes, and the one you need will depend on the length of lights you require. A maximum of 240m can be run from the largest power pack
  • 8 different functions – static, twinkling, flashing, chasing, slow glow, slow fade, sequential and in waves
  • Memory function – the last setting you used will be automatically remembered when you switch them back on
  • Range of items – including string, icicle and curtain lights
  • Thin PVC cable – can be passed through UPVC windows but displays need to be taken down in months they aren’t used
  • 24v power supply – safe to be used around the family home



Mains Voltage

  • Starter cable – mains voltage systems require a starter cable, which is just a simple plug with an end connection to the lights. Up to a maximum of 900m can be run from this one plug (incredible we know, but also slightly crazy if you need this much for your garden display!)
  • Static function plus a twinkling option (the twinkling versions are sold separately)
  • Range of items – including string, icicle and curtain lights, and a range of 3D figures
  • Thick rubber cable – can withstand seasonal weather conditions and be left up throughout the year
  • 230v power supply


We have created logos for low voltage and mains voltage so that you can easily identify which lights and accessories are compatible with each system. Can you guess which one is which?


We hope that this clears everything up for you, and you’ll now feel confident to browse our connectable range knowing which type is more suited to your needs. You can do so by clicking the button below: