Technical Advice

Technical Advice

The Festoon Lighting Guide

Over the past few years our festoon range has increased tenfold, progressing from us only stocking Mains Voltage Festoon (240v) in 10m lengths, to now a whole host of colours, size and voltage options. The rise of festoon lighting has been prolific, and can be attributed to people turning back to a more traditional method of lighting, albeit with the benefits of modern technology. By incorporating real bulbs, it allows a large area too be lit, in an old fashioned American festival style. Of course these now use LED technology, ensuring longer lasting, energy and cost saving bulbs!

Mains Voltage Connectable

Our original festoon belt still remains as popular as ever, and allows you to insert a large choice of bulbs into the belt to create a range of colour effects. Now we offer the same but in a smaller version, allowing more metres to be connected together, albeit at the expense of less bulbs. Both of our belt options are 10m long, and can be connected up to 200m on the 20 socket option, and up to a 400m length can be used with the 10 socket choice. Bulbs are sold separately with this belt, so you can tailor the colour scheme to exactly how you want it. As Christmas 2014 we now offer two types of bulb with this belt, standard and high power. Standard bulbs are a full glow bulb, whereas high power has a stronger light emitting directly from the bulb, similar to a traditional filament bulb.

Multi-coloured Festoons on GarageRed Festoon Bulb

The first image shows an example of connectable mains voltage festoon bulbs hung decoratively from a house, and in the second is the bulb itself. We have this in two different types and a variety of colours.

Low Voltage Connectable

Following the success of our Mains Voltage festoon system, we now offer a Low Voltage version. As with all Low Voltage and Mains Voltage products, whilst they are similar there are notable differences. The bulbs already come fixed in with the Low Voltage option, and there is a variety of choice in White, Warm White and Multi-Coloured. We also offer this in a White Cable too, which is the only festoon option we have in White Cable! Low Voltage festoon lighting is connectable too, although not to the range of the Mains Voltage. The max run is 40m, with each set offering an 8m lit length. Therefore a total of 5 sets is able to be connected together, which whilst it is a lot less than the Mains Voltage option; it is still a considerable amount to run around your house!

Festoons Close UpClose up of Connector

The image on the left shows a number of low voltage festoon bulbs being run in tandem, and in the second an example of how they connect together.

Big Bulb Connectable

Whilst the remaining two sets of Festoon lighting that we offer are both Low Voltage, we have decided to give them their own mention as two stand-alone products. Similar to their Low Voltage connectable counterparts, the Big Bulb set can have 5 sets connected together, but due to having a 9m lit length that is a max run of 45m. The bulb size is considerably bigger than any other light we offer, so whilst the bulbs are spaced a metre apart, the overall effect created is something to behold.

Festoons on HouseScrew in Bulb

The Warm White Big Bulb choice is ran in the first image to superb effect. In the second image is an example of the bulbs themselves, which can be purchased separately.

High Power Kit

The high power kit is the most practical festoon set that we offer, and are perfect for illuminating an outdoor workshop or garage at night. We have two sets to choose from, both 9.5m in lit length, with 5 bulbs on one set and 10 bulbs on another. Again these can be connected, although only two sets maximum can be run in tandem. Whilst they are mainly use as a practical solution, the stylish high powered beam they emit ensures they can be used as superb event lighting, complementing marquees and gazebos in an elegant fashion.

Racing FestoonsBulb Socket The White High Power Kit is shown in the first image as practical outdoor lighting at night. In the second image is an example of the bulbs themselves.


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