Technical Advice

Technical Advice

How to run connectable lights in multiple directions

When it comes to big displays, we have several accessories that ensure you can make the running and installation of your display far easier than you may think! By incorporating such accessories, you can save yourself a large amount of time and effort. Among these accessories is this ring connector, used to run lights in various directions at once. We also stock in both white and green, meaning you can match the colour of your other cables.

Using a Ring connector

The ring connector looks exactly as it sounds; a ring shaped item featuring a number of sockets from which to run lights from. The amount of strings run depends on which system you use, as our low voltage option has 8, whilst our mains voltage has 5 sockets.They are mainly for use on hardwood trees, which support running large amounts of strings, as they wrap easily around the branches themselves.

It can be used in a whole range of situations to give you added flexibility for your display. Most commonly ring connectors are used on outdoor Christmas trees, to help use less strings. It is normally used in the centre of the tree, before running out in different directions over branches. People also sometimes use it at the top of a tree, and run downwards in a stylish curtain effect. Another frequent incorporation is on the ceilings on marquees and gazebos, allowing light strings to run across the top in a web effect, creating a beautiful look.


On the left is an example of our mains voltage ring connector with 5 sockets, and on the right is our low voltage option with 8 sockets.