Technical Advice

Technical Advice

How to put a break in your connectable light display

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Often you may come to install your lights at Christmas and be frustrated at having to run multiple sets of lights from different sockets. Hopefully this guide should help you understand how this is now a thing of the past, and that in fact it is quite easy to create a huge display using only one plug, even if you want to have large breaks in your lights.

Using an extension cable

Whilst an extension cable can’t be used to run lights directly in two different directions, it can be used as a break in your display, after which you can connect more lights. This will help you reduce the amount of plugs you have to use, as everything can be run from one or two plugs maximum. It is a handy tool that not many people realise is possible to use within the middle of lighting displays, as its most frequent use is probably to extend the initial cable length from the plug to where the lights begin.

An example of how the extension could be used within your display would be to run string lights from your gutter or around a window, and use an extension cable to run up to a silhouette, thus taking centre stage on the front of your house. Another instance could be to run icicle or curtain lights on windows at the top of the house, before an extension is run down to the bottom windows to finish off the display with more icicles there.

Video Demonstration

In the first image is an example of the extension cable, and the second highlights how it can be run in between two sets of lights.