Technical Advice

Technical Advice

What functions do Low voltage lights have

Since we launched our connectable ranges, we’ve tried to answer as many of your questions about the products as we can. However, one question we still constantly get asked is what exactly are the 8 functions on the low voltage connectable lights?

Well, we understand that just listing the names of the functions isn’t good enough. So, rather than leave you in the dark (pardon the pun) we thought we’d make a video showing exactly what functions you can expect from your new low voltage connectable lights.

If you’re wondering what lights we used in this video you can find them here.

If you only want to know how a specific function looks, then just skip the video forward. Here’s a list of all the functions and the time they appear:

Combination 0:09

In Waves 0:37

Sequential 0:47

Slow-Glow 0:59

Chasing Flash 1:17

Slow Fade 1:27

Twinkle 1:40

Steady On 1:51