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What we got up to last week…

Wrapping up our year

If you follow us on any social media channels you’ve probably got a good idea what we did last week but for those of you who don’t follow us and missed all the excitement… we had a massive clearance sale at our store in Wigan!

Yep, we brought some festive cheer to the North West in August (don’t judge us). Don’t worry we weren’t just selling Christmas lights, the store was filled with ex-display home lighting, decorative lighting, solar lights and of course a couple of hundred Christmas lights too.

But the weekend wasn’t just about offering savings, you might remember last year we also held a massive shop sale to honour our 15th year in business (or birthday as we preferred to call it, more excuse for cake) and donated £1500 to our local children’s charity Derian House

Derian House Donation

That’s our office manager Stephen giving Derian House’s mascot, Danni, a cheque for £1,500.

Derian house is an astonishing charity dedicated to supporting children with life shortening illnesses by making each moment of their precious lives more fulfilling and special for both them and their families. Derian house currently support more than 300 families who have a child with a life shortening illness, and a further 200 who receive bereavement support. Their continued care and support is invaluable to all the children and families they care for.

We loved involving Derian House, and of course their mascot Danni, in our shop sale and birthday celebrations last year, so knew we had to get them involved again.

This year we pledged to give them 10% of all profits made at the shop sale and raised £400.

After the shop sale a couple of our staff got to go down to Derian House to present them with the money we raised. While there we were given a short tour of Derian to better understand where our money is going, which we all found very moving and proved just how vital the complete care and support they give is to the families they work with.

Derian House Cheque Presentation

Here’s this year’s photo of us presenting Derian House’s fundraising officer Judy with our donation.

So yeah it’s been a pretty busy week, and something we thought was important to reflect on. Let us know if you liked this post by commenting down below and if you want to know more about Derian House and the amazing work they do for these remarkable children and there families then just follow this link.