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We’re 15 Today!

Hip hip hooray! Today is our 15th birthday and to celebrate, we’ve got YOU a present! They say it’s better to give than to receive so we’re going to put that to the test (actually we already have a little, with our £1500 donation to Derian House).

15% off

In honour of us turning the big one-five we’re going to give all of you 15% off everything on our website for our entire birthday. So get your party hats out, cut a slice of cake and fill up that basket, but before you do let’s quickly reminisce on how far we’ve come in 15 years…

The year was 1999, Friends was still in its 3rd season and Robbie Williams’ ‘She’s the One’ was topping the charts and where were we? We were about to start the millennium with a bang by selling our very first festive lights and decorations from our store in Charnock Richard, Chorley.

Throughout our childhood years we gave advice and service beyond our years and in doing so gained a large customer base (hey, that’s you guys!), to whom we remain thankful. Without all of your support and, yes, your purchases too, we would literally not be where we are today.

In our adolescence we always seemed to be growing, and indeed we’re not really finished yet with more and more products and ranges added each year. When we were just 4 years old we decided to get online and start selling to customers around the world, and soon became the recognised name that you know and we hope that you trust.

In our teenage years we decided it was time for a makeover (black really didn’t suit us), and revamped our whole online presence with a website worthy of the festive name. Now we’re 15 and who knows what the future holds; it was only last week that we made our debut at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas in Manchester! But for now we’re going to enjoy our party, have some cake, blow out our candles and get back to doing what we do best: giving you great prices and unbeatable customer service. It’s our birthday, you can buy if you want to.


Here’s some of our staff with our special birthday cake which, at the time of writing, we’ve still not got around to eating yet *stamps feet*