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The sweetest 16th birthday – we’re now Google certified!

Well I had planned to tell you about all the exciting things that have happened to us since our last birthday blog post, a year in review you might call it.

But then something more exciting happened, yesterday we found out we were getting an early birthday present from Google. We are now a Google Certified Shop! Now I know for some of you that might not mean a lot but allow me to explain…

Becoming a Google Certified Shop is something we have been hoping for for a while; think back to your birthday and all you’d been wishing for was a new bike, then when your birthday finally rolled around you not only got a bike but the best bike on the street.

That’s how we feel about being Google certified, it means that all our hard work trying to give you all the best customer service (or learning to ride a bike if you want to stick to that analogy) has paid off! Now not only do we know that we can be trusted to give you great service and products, but Google agrees.

Using a Google Certified Shop means you can shop knowing that you’ll receive reliable dispatch, excellent customer service from our knowledgeable staff and free purchase protection for up to £1000 from Google.

You should now be able to see the Google Certified Shop logo in the bottom right corner of the page, if you give this a click you can learn more about Google certified shopping and also see our customer reviews which are currently at 4.8 out of 5 stars, which I’m sure you can agree isn’t too shabby!

Well now we’ve got our most exciting news out the way, let’s celebrate our birthday in the only way we know how! With a massive cake and even bigger discounts!

So fill up those baskets because for today only you can get a massive 15% off the whole site! Yep you read that right the whole site. We’re either feeling particularly generous, or we’ve had a little too much cake already.

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