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Making Amelia’s final Christmas a bit brighter

After a lot of lighthearted blogs recently, this one is of a more serious and somber tone. We wanted to take some time to tell you about something we’ve been involved with recently that has touched all of us at Festive Lights.

Two year old Amelia Morris from Wigan suffers from a rare and life limiting condition, Tay-Sachs disease. Amelia’s family were recently told their daughter had only a few months to live.

Realising this would be their last Christmas together, Amelia’s mother, Whitney, made appeals through radio and social media to the Lancashire community for donations of Christmas lights to light up their home. Amelia has always loved Christmas lights and her family wanted to make this year as special as they could for all of them. The appeal struck a cord with many and has resulted in donations of both old and new Christmas lights from all over the North West.

We first heard Whitney’s appeal on the radio, but within a few hours we had also received several calls from customers of ours asking for help. We were touched by Amelia’s story and knew we wanted to help somehow, but the question was how.

What we decided to do was to invite Amelia and her family to spend the day at our showroom at Martland Retail Park in Wigan, and pick out all the lights they needed for their perfect Christmas to take home, free of charge. We had a brilliant day with Amelia and her family. Seeing the smile on Amelia’s face and her eyes widen when she saw the lights was absolutely amazing and we couldn’t be happier to help them have the special and memorable Christmas they all deserve.

Tay-Sachs disease affects only 1 in a billion people. This inherited, degenerative disorder slowly destroys nerve cells in both the brain and spinal cord forcing the body to shut down.

For more information on Amelia’s condition and on how you can donate items to the family visit their Facebook page.

Group Shot

Amelia and her family with some of our Festive Lights staff picking up lights on Monday

Amelia's Christmas

Amelia and her family picking up their new Christmas lights