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Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Festive Lights

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If you have never heard of Black Friday before then here’s a quick bit of information: Black Friday refers to the day after Thanksgiving in America (the fourth Thursday in November) where shops hold huge sales with massive discounts throughout the day, similar to our Boxing Day sales. It’s often been associated with manic crowds all clambering and fighting to get to the best offers first.

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In the last couple of years Black Friday sales have often been extended to accommodate the entire weekend, or even a full week. Stores in England and Australia have also scrambled aboard the bandwagon and many now have large sales on or around Black Friday too. This now includes online stores too.

We’re no different here at Festive Lights, and so watch out for news of our Black Friday offer tomorrow.

That’s not all though. If you hadn’t yet heard of Black Friday then Cyber Monday is most likely unknown to you too. Cyber Monday is actually the Monday after Thanksgiving which studies have found to be the largest online shopping day of the whole year. Many online retailers use this as an opportunity to offer Black Friday style discounts… including us!

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You know us at Festive Lights – we’re never one to miss a trend! On Cyber Monday (the 1st of December) we will be giving you some of our biggest deals to date, but you’ll have to keep an eye on the time, as we will have specific products discounted at different times through the day, as well as a number of products that will be on sale all day.

Have we got your attention yet? Want to know more? Then pop on over to our Cyber Monday deals to see what products are in what time slots, then set your alarms to get your favourite products at a fraction of the price!

Don’t forget to check out the website this weekend too, for our Black Friday free delivery weekend (28th to the 30th).