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Make your own light up cork board!

Have you been looking for a rainy day DIY project? You may just have found the perfect one. It’s really effective and depending on the design can take hardly any time to make!

This cork board design we’ve created is perfect for university rooms or if you just want a way to brighten up your message board. It could even help you to remember to unpin that grocery list before you leave for the shops.

homer simpson cork board

Don’t fancy your very own Homer Simpson – no problem, watch the video to see how you can make almost any design, or scroll down the page for more detailed step-by-step information on how to make your own fairy lights cork board.

What do you need?

Here’s the Blue Peter part. All you need for this DIY cork board project is:

  • Scissors
  • Wire fairy lights (we used Pink)
  • Pins (any kind)
  • A shape you want to copy
  • Double sided sticky tape

cork board what yo need

Step-by-step instructions:



putting lights round pins pins with heart shape making heart out f pins

  1. First we had to decide on the shape we wanted to make out of lights, to choose a heart but you could choose any shape you like. We think writing could be really effective!
  2. Then we cut the shape out of paper so we could easily copy it onto the board.
  3. Next we started to pin around the edges of the paper to get our heart shape you can use as many pins as you like depending on your design.
  4. Then we moved on to the fun part, putting the lights on to the board, it’s a lot easier than you’d think as the wire lights we chose are really easy to manipulate and mould. We started at the top making sure we had enough room to stick the battery packs on the back of the bard once we were done. Then we carefully wound the lights around the pins making sure it was all secure as we went. Once we go to the end of each string of lights we simply pushed the end on the wire back into the cork board, but you could secure this with sticky tape or another pin. We used three sets of pink wire lights to the effect we wanted.


Now our pin board was ready to be a free standing decoration or just a nice addition to a notice board. You don’t even have to use a cork board these kind of pins are perfect for leaving minimal damage on a wall.

finished cork board

Once you’ve got the hang of it you can make each design more elaborate than the last, as you saw from the top of the page our biggest achievement was probably the light up homer Simpson. But we also tried changing the colour of the lights, adding post cards, weaving lights through the middle and even writing in lights! Which design do you like most? Let us know in the comment section below.

heart cork board with photos

love cork board

finished pink cork board



But if DIY isn’t really your thing then we have our own light up wire heart with beads!

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