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How to style your new terrarium


So recently you might have seen some of these terrariums popping up in shops, homes or just on Pinterest .

Now calling them a “terrarium” might sound pretty fancy but all they really are, are geometric glass domes that can be used to hold just about anything you like.

Originally terrariums were used to make miniature gardens using soil, pebbles, succulents and cacti but more recently people have been using them to get even more creative!

Not so surprisingly we love putting lights in ours! But we know when there’s so many different ways to style your one terrarium it makes it hard to decide what route to go down so we thought we’d make it easier and hand pick some of our favourite ways to style terrariums to try and inspire you.

Here’s a collection of images showing some different ways you can style your terrariums.

wedding terrarium garden terrarium

wedding table terrarium

glass terrarium

glass terrarium and candles

glass terrarium



garden glass terrarium
wedding table glass terrarium
































terrarium styling

three terrarium

As you can see we do love the way wire lights , battery candles and normal candles look in terrariums, unsurprisingly! But if you still feel like you want to add some green to yours but are a bit cautious about committing to planting in a terrarium, then we think pre-potted (real or fake) cacti can make a great alternative. The pots are also perfect for quickly generating some extra interest and texture.

We hope you enjoyed this blog and managed to find some new inspiration from the photos. We’d love to see how you style your terrarium! So let your masterpiece shine and post a photo on Twitter or Instagram, and be sure to use the hashtag #MyFestiveLights and we’ll share our favourites.