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How Does Your Garden Glow?

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The summer weather looks like it’s finally making an appearance, so thoughts naturally turn to ways of making hay whilst the sun shines and spending as much time as possible outside! But, if you’re disheartened when you look out of your window, at a drab and uninspiring garden, we’ve got just the thing to turn your turf into something spectacular and add a little magic to your outdoor events!

The simplest and most inexpensive way to transform a boring backyard into an enchanting summer space to share with your nearest and dearest, is with the clever use of outdoor lighting. So, whether your idea of a perfect al fresco event is a relaxed BBQ, an outdoor dinner party, or a projector movie night, we’ve got 4 of the best and easiest ways to bring your garden to light!

1. Brighten up your BBQ

Barbecues are one of the most popular ways to get out in the garden and make the most of the, fairly infrequent, British sunshine. Since the weather is so unpredictable, when the sun does decide to make an appearance, it can sometimes be a rush to get your garden ready for an ad-hoc barbecuing session. Solar lights are great in this situation, when you need to add light in a flash! The following images should give you some inspiration of ways to use solar lights for your BBQ.

Garden glow outdoor

Gglow2 garden glow festoons

2. Al Fresco Dining

For occasions where you’ve had a little more time to plan, such as an outdoor dinner party, where you’ve invited all your friends to come round and enjoy your garden, you can really make the most of the outdoor lighting options available. We think Festoon lights are especially effective at establishing a cosy, intimate and welcoming atmosphere. Try looping them throughout the branches and foliage of trees to create a magical, twinkling effect; fashion a canopy over your dining table, or hang them along a fence to decorate around the edge of your garden or to illuminate walkways.

outdoor glowing dining

outdoor glow eating


3. Get Colourful at Your Garden Party

Add a splash of colour to your garden party with a variety of multi-coloured lighting options. Running along fences, railings and gates, hanging down from under a parasol or cascading down walls, the selection of lights shown below show that using colourful lanterns and fairy lights will brighten up any outdoor space! Don’t be scared to use multi-coloured fairy lights in the summer, they really aren’t just for Christmas and create a fun and inviting setting.

colour blossom garden lights

Colour lantern lights garden


4. Backyard Cinema Experience

One of our favourite events to host in the garden is an impromptu, DIY movie night, held in your very own backyard! So simple to create and an experience your friends and family won’t forget in a long time. All you really need is a projector, some cleverly placed lighting, and comfortable seating for your guests and you’re good to go! Check out the images below for some guidance on how to make it look amazing!

outdoor cinema

festoon canopy garden