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Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls on Wire!!

Whether made from cotton, lace or string, these intricately detailed string lights are so popular, we think every home should have them! Beautiful, inexpensive and super easy to style, they’re a fantastic addition to any home décor. However, if you’re still unsure which ones to go for, or need inspiration on where to place these beautiful little strings of lights to get the most out of them, read on and we’re sure you’ll be convinced you need to get on board with this ball bonanza!

Mirror Ball

This charming and elegant garland of lace covered ball lights, in classic white, looks stunning decorating any room and any setting, and is really effective at creating a vintage inspired theme within your home, whether it’s in the living room or bedroom. We think they look especially pretty draped along a bedstead or over a mirror.


Shiny Disco Balls

Bang on trend in home décor are metallics, so these copper and silver string lights will ensure your interior follows the latest fashion frenzy! You can choose to go with just one of the metal tones, either copper or silver, if you’re looking for a colour specific theme, or if you want your room to be really en vogue, go for the mixed metallic effect by incorporating both colours to your scheme.


shiny sliver ball

shiny copper balls

Monochromatic Mania

In (not quite 50) shades of grey, black and white, monochrome cotton ball lights look seamlessly stylish in any room of the house. Adding texture and a touch of class, they can be styled in a variety of ways, and look particularly effective when mixed with crisp white walls and the soft warm tones of natural wooden furniture.

shades of grey balls

Show White

Simple, stunning, and super stylish, you just can’t go wrong with the white cotton ball string light! So verstaile, they will adapt to any surrounding and decorative theme. If styled within a minimalistic setting, they’ll add a crisp, clean feel to the room. Equally, if placed within a softer, more rustic shabby shic interior, they’ll blend seamlessly into the décor and add a sense of romantic elegance.

snow white balls

Balls to the Wall

If in doubt for where to place your ball lights, no matter what the colour or material, simply hang them down the wall! Simple, yet effective, and a really easy way to spruce up your décor and create a feature in any room of the house. Don’t be scared, be brave and hang your balls with pride!

balls on to walls

We hope this post has inspired you to bring out the ball lights and get creative with where to hang them! As always, we love to see your pictures, so if you’ve used these beautiful balls of light to decorate your home, then let us know by sharing your photos on Twitter or tag us on Instagram; make sure you use the hashtag #MyFestiveLights and we’ll share our favourites.