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Get This Look For Your Living Room!

Trying to get your living room to look perfect is like finding a comfortable position when you can’t sleep: no matter how many times you roll to the other side of the bed or flip your pillow over to the cold side, something just doesn’t feel right. Perfection is subjective when it comes to home decor and your opinion is all that matters. After a long day at work, the chances are you’re going to spend a fair chunk of your time in said room, on the couch, with the TV on. The atmosphere is important, so how can you improve it?

Here’s a living room look that we’ve created. You might not like everything about it, but I hope you can at least gleam some ideas for your own home:

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    1. Premier Battery LED Illuminated Twilight Canvas Scene

This canvas can fill a fairly large space in the living room. Alternatively you could place a large mirror here.

    1. HOME’ Marquee Battery Light Up Letters with Timer

We could have put this on the bookshelf, on a table or indeed on the mantelpiece. Light up letters have possibly been the biggest trend in home lighting decor this year.

    1. Premier Battery Dancing Flame Candle with Timer, 18cm

Candles are timeless, and the advantage of these are that although they are battery powered, they have a realistic ‘dancing’ flame. You could of course substitute for regular candles if you so desired.

    1. White Wooden House Battery Fairy Lights with Timer

Available in several other designs too, we’ve used these wooden house fairy lights to add character to the fireplace.

    1. Wooden Battery LED Candle Lantern with Timer, 2 Pack

These lanterns have consistently been one of our best selling items and we’ve loved some of the images you’ve sent in of your lanterns in use.

    1. LED Canvas Category – Various Options

If you weren’t a fan of the canvas above, don’t despair. We have an entire category with different sizes and styles.

    1. Indoor Fairy Lights, 40 Warm White LEDs, 3.2M, Clear Cable

These fairy lights look great strung through twigs but they also give an amazing effect when draped on a mantelpiece – where would you put them?

    1. Premier Battery Dancing Flame Candle with Timer, 2 Pack

The only thing better than one realistic dancing flame candle is two! These small and large candles are the perfect way to finish off any room. We love them on this bookshelf.

    1. 20 Warm White LED Silver Wire Micro Battery Fairy Lights

These wire lights add a nice warm touch to the room we feel, and are malleable so can be intertwined around almost any household object.

Well that’s it, everything you need to “get the look”. But we’d love to know what you think – do you have a favourite product or maybe you can think of a product we missed out? We’d love to hear from you on any of our social media channels, including twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google + and Pinterest.