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Five Festoon Fashions

Festoon lights are one of our most popular and in demand lights, but some people still don’t think they can have outdoor lights without it looking too Christmassy. So we thought we’d give all the non-believers a nudge in the right direction with 5 simple ideas for using festoon lights all year round in your garden.

Festoon lights are also very popular for weddings and other events so there’s a couple of ideas thrown in that could work for both adding light to your garden and an event. The large majority of our festoon lights are suitable for continued use outdoors and because of their unique retro design, will still make a statement in the day!

1. Hook, line and festoon

So we’re going to break the rules a little here and go straight in with our favourite idea first (don’t worry it’s not all downhill from here, we just really love using festoons in this way)…

Using hooks or crooks to hang your festoons outside is perfect for illuminating any walkway! Tall hooks look amazing at parties and weddings and will always impress your guests, but when the party’s over you can carry on using them in your garden. Short hooks are great for adding some light to path ways or event around patios.

festoons on hooks papakata festoons


The 2nd photograph features @PapaKata using our festoon belts.


2. Festoon boundaries

We love these photographs! Similar to using hooks, hanging festoons along fences or walls is a perfect idea to use at large events and at home!

This look is ideal for a smaller garden as it adds light and character without wasting or using up any
space, though it can also look great in a big garden.


frosted festoons on fence festoons on fence

The 2nd photograph features @DreamwaveEvents using our festoon belts.


3. A Festoons sky

This is just your classic festoon look, you can drape as many as you like in as many different colours as you like and it will always look amazing. Festoons also give off a surprising amount of light, so are perfect for late evenings sat out in the garden.
festoons in garden at night festoons hung on brick

4. Shaded festoons

A nice twist on your standard parasol lights, simply hang them loosely under your parasol and let them fall down to the table for an effortlessly cool look.

Again this effect gives the perfect amount of light for those late evening talks with friends and family under the stars. Barbecue food is optional.


white festoons in umbrella festoons under parasole

5. Festoon blossoms

Festoons look beautiful hanging in large trees! Sometimes small LEDs can get lost in the foliage of larger trees, but not festoons – their large bulbs will stand out against any backdrop.

And I know we said we weren’t going to mention Christmas but… they do look amazing on large indoor or outdoor Christmas trees too.


festoons in trees lights in tress festoons

The 1st photograph features @tents4elements using our festoon belts.


It’s your turn!

We always love seeing what our customers decide to create with their lights, so let your masterpiece shine and post a photo on Twitter or Instagram, make sure you use the hashtag #MyFestiveLights and we’ll share a favourites.

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