Interior Décor

Fairy lights with photos

We know there’s nothing you lot love more than snapping a selfie, but what should you do with your favourites once you’ve posted them on Instagram? Well, we’re here to help by giving you some of our top tips for displaying your photos using fairy lights. This post will be especially helpful if you’re off to University this year, as nothing completes a Uni room like a stunning photo wall combined with fairy lights.


First, take stock of how many photos you actually have; are you going to fill a wall or do you just have a couple of favourites you want to show off? Then decide what length you need your fairy lights to be.

If you do want to fill a wall, but don’t have enough photos, or you already have a long set of lights then don’t worry, you can still fill it up with other things. Try picking up some postcards with cute quotes or scenes on, you can even add some fake flowers in between your pretty pics.

You can use anything you want to attach your photos to your lights, from bulldog clips to paper clips, but our personal favourite has to be pegs!

If you don’t have the time, or patience, for attaching pegs and clips to your lights, you could save some time and invest in some of these peg lights! They have the pegs built in and are perfectly placed to illuminate each shot.

If you decide to create your own photo display using fairy lights, be sure to tag us on social media.