Interior Décor

Decorative home lighting for all year round

northern lights

Many people seem to assume that home lighting is restricted to Christmas, but let us assure you this is far from the case! Our range of home lighting is ever expanding, now encompassing all aspects of your home. If you wanted too, (and we strongly recommend this) it can be covered beautifully in lights all year round. From fireplaces, mantelpieces, windowsills and table decoration, we have all aspects of home decoration covered.

1. Twig Lights

Twig lighting is a relative newcomer to our range, but they have become a firm bestseller. Mainly used in vases, they are an excellent substitute for real flowers and branches, and are superb for creating a light ambience around the home. We have now added blossom style branch lights, for those who want to keep the flower theme in their home (Obviously though, there is no need to water these!)

twig lighting

2. Twig & Branch Trees

Following on from our success with twig lights, we have now decided to bring in a similar effect but this time as a tree. Whilst they are an alternative option to a traditional Christmas Tree, they have enough individuality to be used all year round instead of just seasonal. Perfect to be stationed in room corners or porches, they will create an arty, stylish feel to your home, contributing towards a warm atmosphere.

living room twig lighting

3. Fairy Lighting

Whilst fairy lighting is always hugely popular at Christmas, it can also be used in various rooms around your house to create a homely feel. Strung around picture frames, bookshelf and mantelpieces to name but a few, it is always a superb option for highlighting a certain area. We have now expanded our fairy lights range to a varied amount, with options from berry and frosted effect, to new battery festoon style bulbs following the success of it in our mains powered section.

lights basket lights fireplace

4. Rattan

Rattan style furniture and lighting has become a firm fixture in modern homes, and is ideal for bringing a rustic, traditional feel into your living room or kitchen. We have added a tree, heart and star style to our rattan collection, ideal to be used hung from cupboards, fireplaces and in windows.

rattan heart rattan tree

5. Candles & Tea Lights

Last but not least, Candles & Tea Lights! These are the obvious choice when it comes to home decoration, and many people use candles every day for ambience, night lights and to create a relaxing mood around their home. As ever our range is huge, from real wax effect, to colour changing options. The realism to real candles is astonishing, and we are sure that you won’t be able to tell your difference. Much safer around the pets and children too!

candle stair  lantern candles