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Decorate Your Home This Winter

Well that crisp cold air is back, you’ve probably even had to turn the heating on and your winter coat has become fused to your body for the foreseeable future. August is upon us and winter is coming (and not just in Game of Thrones).

With the cold and the dark everything can seem a little bit miserable, and your living room in particular might not be the cosy, cuddled up, watching X-Factor spot you want it to be. Don’t worry though, because here are some quick and easy ideas on how to make your home look and feel cosy this winter, without upping your heating bill too much.

flame-less fireplace

It’s true there is nothing more cosy than sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winter’s night but let’s face it, coal isn’t cheap, lighting it takes some time and you can end up in a real mess. Don’t even get me started on gas. So why not make it a bit more cost effective and modern by adding candles, tea lights or even fairy lights to your hearth instead, it looks a lot more chic and if you use flame-less candles there’s no mess. You could even wrap wire lights around some logs in the fireplace to give the illusion of flickering embers.

fire place fairy place

Image 1 from Pinterest. Image 2 from Festive Lights.

Candle lit staircase

Personally I think there’s something so romantic about walking up a candle lit staircase until you factor in the safety issues and actual hassle of having tea lights on your staircase. Instead try using flame-less tea lights these ensure you don’t have to worry about blowing them all out at the end of the night, or setting your dressing gown alight as you sweep past.

stairs1 candle stairs

Image 1 from Pinterest. Image 2 from Festive Lights.

Nordic home

One of this year’s big trends that will instantly make your home feel winter ready is the Nordic home trend which puts a modern winter twist on traditional Nordic decor. The best way to inexpensively inject this look into your home is to keep everything in the room very minimal and monochrome then add some faux fur or cable knit throws and pillows to your seating areas. The best part about this look is that on those cold winter nights you’ve already got your blankets out. Our new LED white birch tree also goes perfectly with this minimalist trend.

twig light candles-fur

Image 1 from Festive Lights. Image 2 from Pinterest.

Get creative

Feel like your home could still do with one more homely touch? Then get your flame-less tea lights out again and simply dot them around the home, on any surface you like. This will instantly add warmth to any room. They look especially effective on surfaces you couldn’t usually find tea lights, like on sofas and rugs. Flame-less candles and tea lights are also much safer for use around young children and pets.

tealights 8a109b3dad82eb63ee0187dbb6b3e7ae

Image 1 from Festive Lights. Image 2 from Festive Lights.

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