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Coastal living

Whether you’ve got a summer home to kit out, a bathroom that needs a hint of the beach, or you just want to live every day like you’re on holiday, we’ve got all the coastal décor tips you need.

Coastal décor has been massive this year and has made the big move from beach properties and bathrooms into our living rooms and even bedrooms. Since we know we’d rather be by the sea right now, we thought we’d tell you some simple ways to bring the beach to you (and we’re not just talking about the sand that always manages to travel back in your shoes!)

Not just for the bathroom

For years, we’ve kept our nautical dreams confined to one room in the home. You’re never surprised to walk into a bathroom and find a shell-shaped soap, but you rarely see the theme outside of this particular room.

But the tide has turned, and we’re seeing more and more nautical and coastal accessories turning up all over people’s homes. If you fancy “dipping your feet in”, then why not make an easy switch from a shell-shaped soap to a shell-shaped candle? They smell just as good and can be moved to any room!


Do get roped in

Rope is another staple in the coastal trend; from rope detailing on mirrors and lamps, to these adorable nautical fairy lights with rope. It is absolutely OK to get roped into this trend!



It’s not tacky if …

Look, we know exactly what you were thinking the moment you started reading this post, “But isn’t turning my whole home into a beach hut going to look a little tacky?” Not necessarily. We’ve found the best way to keep your marine décor classy is to stick to a colour scheme, and we don’t just mean blue and white. Coral can be a great way to add a touch of the ocean to your home, whilst still being on trend and modern.



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