Interior Décor

Beat the January blues with Festive Lights!

The celebrations have died down, Christmas Day is a distant memory, and January feels like it has lasted for at least 4 months. It’s cold, it’s dark and it’s most definitely feeling miserable.

For many people, taking down the Christmas lights is a particularly dark moment (pun intended), but just because it’s no longer Christmas, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have any decorative lights around the home. Our motto is fairy lights are for life, not just for Christmas!

Below, we have put together a couple of our favourite ways to beat the January Blues, and keep your fairy lights glowing all year round (obviously without looking like you’re too lazy to take your Christmas lights down).


We do understand that one of the most appealing things about keeping your Christmas lights out is that it’s easier than putting them all back into storage, so don’t worry, all of these ideas are simple and hassle-free. The only thing you should be worried about is loving your new set-up so much that you have to buy more Christmas lights next year!

Have we sparked your imagination, or perhaps you already use fairy lights around the home? Either way, we would love to hear how you use fairy lights all year round, and not just at Christmas time.