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5 Ways to Brighten Your Room This Freshers’ Week!

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As a fellow student myself I know exactly how it feels when you arrive at University on that first afternoon. Your room looks absolutely nothing like it did on the website and is more accurately described as a box, you can hardly get your breath back as you’ve had to carry two suitcases and a duvet up ten flights of stairs (the lift’s broken), and your flats mates can only be described as well…..strange.

Maybe this was just my first experience of University; I’m sure many others can attest to much happier beginnings and in the end it does turn out to be a brilliant experience. One thing is for certain though, it’d be nice there was a way to spruce up the room and make it more welcoming when you first arrive!

Well we have a number of great options to do this! Below I’ve come up with a few ideas for using various battery products around your room, and all will bring a homely glow to proceedings. They have also been chosen for the student with a budget in mind!

Battery Fairy Lights

These are forever a best seller in our range, and are the most popular choice when it comes to battery lights around the home. Their flexibility is their main attribute, and especially choosing our wire lights you can wind them easily around pictures, writing, headboards etc. The range of uses with these lights is almost limitless, and they are sure to add some warmth and glow to your room. For a more in-depth guide of where they can be used, please have a look at our bedroom fairy lights ideas!

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Our battery candle range is growing ever bigger each year, and we now boast submersible, fake wax and scented candles amongst our collection. Nearly all emit a flickering amber glow to mimic a real candle, although multi-coloured versions are available for the more modern student. They give a healthy ambience at night, and may well be a cost effective option to using a reading light. On the other side of this, they are also 100% less dangerous then using real candles during a party!

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Festoon Lights

These are brand new in our battery range for this winter following the popularity of our mains powered festoon range, and it has already proven to be a hit. They incorporate a similar style to fairy lights but with a larger, filament bulb style shape, which emits a lovely rounded glow. Use them to run decoratively around a window, or within a photo display by hanging pictures on pegs around the cabling.

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Personally I wouldn’t go for this option, but I know some girls in particular who I think would love it. The desk in your room is doubtless going to bring endless joy whilst you work at it (this may not occur as much if you’re in first year) but a vase with twigs or flower lights on the end of it will certainly bring some welcome life to it! We now have submersible lights that could go inside a clear vase, and these will hopefully brighten your mood whilst you’re struggling through your essay!

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Tea Lights

The last instalment in our fresher room guide is the wonderful world of tea lights! Much like the candles, the majority of the tea lights feature a flickering LED style, bringing a beautiful realistic effect to your room. Unlike the candles these come in much larger sets, so for illuminating a whole room these are ideal for dotting in different places. The lovely ambience created will hopefully provide a source of comfort as your freshers ordeal of a week of solid partying is fizzling out into one great big hangover!

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So whilst we may not be able to stop you catching a dose of freshers flu, some mood lighting around your room can definitely help you get through it!