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5 ways to make your bedroom look magical using fairy lights!

There’s no doubt about it that fairy lights look dreamy no matter where you hang them, but if you combine their whimsical beauty with bedroom aesthetics, you have a match made in magical heaven! This blog is jam packed full of all the tips, tricks and inspo you need to give your room all the fabulous fairy light vibes! Of course there are so many more ways you can use fairy lights to style your bedroom, but the 5 tips below are our selected faves and a great place to start. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any others!

No.1 – Curtain light canopies

Curtain lights are an amazing item on their own, but when they are incorporated into a bedroom, they are really brought into their own! We’ve seen an increasing trend for people hanging them behind canopies to create that magical feel, when draped over their bed. One of our lovely instagrammers, @foxyadams2017, has used our copper wire curtain in her baby’s nursery and used a mesh canopy with the lights, not only does it look gorgeous but it’s also a sensory dream for young children!

No.2 – Shelving with a twist!

Shelves can be pretty dull and more of a neccasity for storage than for looking good right? Wrong! Add a twist to those mundane shelves with gorgeous glimmering fairy lights! You could even go as far as creating a statement shelf for your room (use a picture rail for a sleek look!) and complete with artwork and wire lights to create a nice cosy corner. We love this one below with the inspirational quote, your daily reminder that you can achieve anything with a warming glow.

No.3 – Festoons, festoons and more festoons!

Festoon lights are popular both indoors and outdoors and feature the beautiful, large globe bulbs; they also add heaps of character to anywhere they’re placed. They are a gorgeous, traditional design feature by day and then practical for the light at night. The industrial, vintage charm of the original Edison style bulbs, mixed with a hint of old Hollywood glamour and style, is sure to add that magical factor to your sleeping space.

No.4 – Pimped-up polaroids

This style of fairy light decoration really needs no explanation; a seriously gorgeous way to hang lights! You can achieve this by clipping Polaroids onto battery string lights using craft pegs or, alternatively, you can use our awesome battery peg fairy lights which feature 10 clip peg decorations, running along a transparent cable, illuminating your photographs and memories and making the ideal nostalgic feature!

And finally… No.5 – DIY lamps and lanterns

Get your craft on! Use battery fairy lights to make your own unique lamps and lanterns, for a light like no other. So simple, all you need to do is delicately wind fairy lights within the lantern of your choice and away you go! We think wire lights work really well for this type of DIY since the bendable wire will stay in shape, wherever they’re housed. For the lamp, you can use anything you like; we’ve seen everything from Mason jars to empty bottles of spirits – the only limitation is your imagination!


If you’ve added fairy lights to your bedroom and created a magical vibe, then let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to share your images on Twitter or tag us on Instagram, making sure you use our hashtag #myfestivelights and we’ll share our favourites!

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