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Why use solar lights?

In order to answer the question, why use solar lights; we must first answer the following question…


Why Use Solar Power?

Solar lights have developed from the technology that is solar power, which is the conversion of sunlight into electricity. Commercial solar power panel plants were first developed in the 1980?s, but harnessing the sun’s power to use as electricity dates all the way back to the 1890?s when people realised that coal would soon become scarce.

The realisation that the world will one day run out of coal and oil, prompted a search for alternative, renewable energy sources – another means of generating power. The main propositions were to generate electricity using sunlight, wind or water. These are renewable energy sources that will never* run out and do not create any waste products. This is a massive benefit for the earth.

*at least not until the sun burns out, but we don’t expect this for many, many years!


Advantages of Using Solar Energy

One of the main concerns about using solar energy within the UK is that there is not much sun and daylight is reduced considerably in the winter. It has been recognised though, that using solar lighting instead of standard electric lights will save you money in the long run, and advances in the technology mean that the better solar lights are now almost indistinguishable from their mains powered counterparts. These are both answers to the question why use solar energy.

Some homes are having solar panels on the roofs now, this helps to heat the house and generate hot water for showers and washing up. Although solar panels are quite expensive to install on your home, you can to rest assured that you are assisting the environment and minimising waste products from your home. The extent of what you can install and have done depends on many factors, so it is best to speak to a reputable solar power firm to speak about your needs and what they recommend. This is not something that we at World of Solar offer at this time; we focus predominantly on solar lighting.

On a larger scale, many renewable energy farms are being built and planned across the UK. If you have been to Cornwall recently you would have seen the endless rows of wind turbines. There have also been discussions to build a massive wind farm out from the north Devon coast in the Bristol Channel. Whilst there are many benefits to these eco-friendly energy sources, they are a bit of an eye sore and many surfers are protesting that they may disrupt wave swell.


Solar Lights are Environmentally Friendly

Nobody will complain too much about people wanting to protect the environment and harness the earth’s natural energy sources, but everything has to be considered carefully. The first thing you can do to help is to transfer some of your standard lighting over to solar lights – if every household did this then it would help to save the planet, and save you money.