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When Are Solar Lights at Their Most Popular?

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After a week of lovely weather (it’s been fantastic up north anyway) it is certainly in the public consciousness that spring is here and – whisper it quietly – summer is well on the way! With summer comes the hope (expectation?) of long, glorious warm days and balmy evenings to enjoy drinks and barbecues with friends. This is when you would perhaps expect to see solar lights, but at what point in the year are solar lights actually most popular, and how has their popularity grown over the years?

Let’s take a look, first at which months in the year solar lights generate the most interest.


Solar lights popularity by month for 2014

According to the Google trends for 2014 – highlighting the number of people that searched online for any given term – we are coming close to the peak period of interest for solar lighting. One would think that this applies especially to those with a decorative touch that may not work quite so well in the winter months. Interestingly, there appears to be a large appetite for solar lighting in December too, which you can only assume is related to (1) people looking for an alternative to electric outdoor Christmas lights and (2) people purchasing practical solar lights like security lights, for instance.

Generally speaking though, summer is the time to go for fun lighting! In the summer months you will enjoy maximum lighting time after your lights have been left to bask in the sun all day, as opposed to the odd hour that they might get in winter. We’ve already noticed a surge in interest for solar lights and based on Google’s insight, we expect that to rise until early May, when we are apparently at our peak.

solar lights 2014

Solar lights popularity over the past 11 years

Unsurprisingly solar lights have been steadily increasing in popularity each year since 2004, according to Google’s search data. This certainly tallies with our experiences too, and with advances in solar technology each and every year, we would expect this to continue for some time yet.

solar lights over time

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