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What use is a timer on solar lights?

how do solar lights work

How does the timer work on solar lights?

We recently introduced solar lights that incorporate a timer. This is a feature that we already have on many of our battery lights, but it works differently with the solar products. Whereas the battery lights operate for 6 hours, then switch off for 18 hours and then reactivate again, the solar timer begins when the solar panel ceases to receive charge (i.e. when it goes dark) and operates for 6 hours. Sounds the same, right? Wrong. The solar lights will only activate when it becomes dark, regardless of the specific time at which that happens and will then shut off after 6 hours of illumination. The 18 hour cycle does not apply.

Why is this a good thing?

The use of this timer means that the solar lights are not needlessly wasting their charge throughout the night, whilst you are asleep. Any remaining charge at the end of the 6 hour period is stored until after the next charging period (i.e. the daytime). This means that if there is a particularly gloomy day and the solar panel does not receive much light, the battery will still hold reserve power from the previous day and so can still operate when a solar light without a timer might not.