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Garden Inspiration

Holidaying at home

Whilst the whole world is going through strange and unknown times, and many people are having to postpone and cancel holidays, with no guarantees on when it will be safe to enjoy a summer holiday, we thought we’d bring you some brilliant staycation ideas for holidaying at home, without leaving the house!

So, whether it’s creating the perfect at-home staycation by hosting your own festival, bringing the beach to you, or having a spa retreat – this summer, home is definitely where the holiday is! Check out our favourite ideas below with our added top tips for creating these getaways.

1. Festival vibes

We all wish we were heading to our favourite festivals this year, but with most of them being cancelled and rescheduled for our safety, it’s time to bring the festival to us. Get the face paints out and fancy dress on, decorate your outdoor space with colourful accessories and lots of fairy lights, and you’re all set.

Our top tip: You can catch-up on most festivals on YouTube, such as Glastonbury highlights, or if you have any musically talented folk amongst your household, then why not put on a real performance?! Schedule a real festival timetable for the day, giving you acts and performances to look forward to!

2. Spa day

Oftentimes we all forget just how good a little self care session can be for our mind and body. A spa day is the ultimate relaxation, so why not create an at-home spa holiday? You could set some time aside to do a little meditation, have a relaxing bubble bath, or go full-on and set up your own spa! The possibilities are endless.

Our top tip: Turn your bed, or a camp bed in the living room, into a DIY spa area by draping over fluffy towels and adding lots of LED candles and relaxing essential oils. Then, stick on a face or hair mask and chill out listening your favourite relaxation playlist, or simply just dig into a good book!

3. Camp-out

The uncertainty of whether we will be able to flock to our favourite campsites this summer doesn’t mean we still can’t go camping! A weekend camp-out is a perfect way to plan something to look forward to, and will be relatively cost-free, if you already have a tent and sleeping bags!

You could even bring the cinema experience to you and play a family favourite film, whilst you all get cosy under the festoons around the fire. You’ll need an outdoor projector and a white sheet or plain wall, and don’t forget the popcorn!

Our top tip: There’s tons of camping activities for kids and adults online, such as taking time to stargaze and learn about the night sky, or challenging the kids to see who can build the best DIY tent!

4. Beach day

Get the paddling pool out, get the plastic slide in it, get the sandpit out et viola! you’ve got your very own at home beachy water park! If you add the BBQ onto that, some of your favourite summer tunes, dig out your holiday inflatable and your best swimwear, and we are absolutely sure you’ll forget you’re only in the back garden!

Our top tip: If the weather is not on your side, you could always bring the beach indoors and have a picnic, with ice lollies, BBQ food, colourful bunting and beach games! Or, if you’re super brave, bring the beach to your bathroom like Stacey Solomon did! Be warned that you may be finding sand in your home for years to come…


If you’ve tried any of our top holidaying at home tips, or have your own to add to the list, then let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to share your images on Twitter or tag us on Instagram, making sure to use our hashtag #ShareTheJoy – and we’ll share our favourites!

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