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Home hibernation – get the best from your nest!

The long-dreaded return to work. A commute that gets increasingly worse on a weekly basis. Facing an onslaught of variable adverse weather conditions, and attempting to prepare for any and all.

It’s only natural to want to retreat to your nest as the relentless cold, dark nights beat you into submission; you can be forgiven for wanting to shun the rest of humanity and hide away in your duvet den. So, seeing as you’ll be spending quite a lot of the foreseeable future, snug in your refuge, you’ll want to make it a little brighter, and we’ve got just the thing!

Our light boxes instantly inject a sense of 1930s Hollywood glamour into any home and can be used to make a style statement at any occasion: Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Easter egg hunts, summer holiday countdowns, Halloween and Christmas, to name a few! Let’s not get carried away though; for now, let’s just focus on how you can while away the winter by using our patented ‘Light Box Hibernation Tips’:

Secure a steady food supply.


Ensure you drink plenty of fluids.

Buy lots of wine

Make sure you stay warm.

days until ibiza

If you have company, stick together for comfort and support.

marry me

Find ways to keep occupied until the weather gets better.

having a babyDon’t be afraid to leave the house if it’s quite necessary.

baby due today

From the generous amount of letter and emoji tiles provided with every light box, you can create any message or phrase you’d like! With a pink and blue version now available, as well as several new options crafted using high-quality wood, you’ll find the Light Box is the perfect gift for anyone and everyone in your circle of family and friends. So, for a lighter side to life, think Light Box!