Garden Inspiration

Garden Inspiration

Get Your Garden Summer Ready – the glow up guide

After a glimpse of sunshine in March, everyone in the UK is ready to air their summer wardrobe, set up the paddling pool, and sit in the garden for as many hours of the day as possible. 

In all honesty, we couldn’t agree more.

Summer is close. We can almost smell it. Which means it’s time to get your garden summer ready! In this blog, we have put together some of our favourite and trending ways to put the glow back into your garden and bring it back to life.

Get the glow down…

For the ultimate garden glow, we love to use festoons and connectable string lights. 

Festoons have become such a popular choice for garden lighting in summer. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want practical ambient lights to brighten up their outdoor spaces?

Here at Festive Lights, we offer a range of festoons to suit everyone. From different styles of bulbs and colours to different power supplies to match your needs.

A popular way to style festoons is to add them to your pergola. You have probably seen this all over Instagram, but such a simple touch can make your garden come to life.

Festoon poles are also a great way to add lighting at height; you can drape the festoons across to achieve a beautiful, elongated glow around your garden.

Our ConnectGo string lights are a stunning choice, and the styling options for these are pretty endless.

The beauty of our ConnectGo range is that you have complete control over what power source you use. You can interchange between battery, mains and solar, to suit your display and the time of year.

A great way to style our ConnectGo string lights is to wrap them around a tree in your garden. If you want a fuller look, you can simply keep adding more sets until you reach the desired look. Check out our handy guide on how to wrap a tree …

Sometimes though, it is the smaller things in life that make all the difference. By simply adding a set of strings or wire lights to illuminate smaller features around your garden, you can achieve a subtle yet impactful lighting effect.

What UV is what you get

Stylish ambience that doesn’t cost a penny to run… we all need that, sign us up!

Solar lights are a great way to decorate any outdoor space, whether that is a patio area, a table, or to add some character and life to a few trees in your garden.

From little lanterns to bigger lanterns, from standing lanterns to hanging lanterns… we have soo many to choose from. There is something to suit everyone’s style in our Solar Lantern Range. Check out the images above for some styling inspo!

The lights of fashion

An outfit isn’t complete without accessories, and the same applies for your garden.

We have picked a few of our personal favourite decorations that provide the perfect finishing touches in your garden glow up.

Solar Fence Lights are a great way to transform a dull and boring piece of wood into something bright and beautiful.

From adding some creative fun with our Solar Butterfly Fence Decoration, to giving nature a little helping hand with our Solar Insect Bee Hotel, there are many ways you can transform the less glamorous areas of your garden into the star of the show. 

We hope this given you some tips on how to give your garden the ultimate glow up, ready for summer. Don’t forget to share your stunning garden images on Twitter or tag us on Instagram, making sure to use our hashtag #ShareTheJoy – and we’ll share our favourites!

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