Interior Décor

Fall in love with Autumn with this seasonable tablescape

Whether you love it or loathe it, summer has officially come to an end.

It’s time to pack away the deck chairs and BBQ and make room for cosy knitted blankets and mugs of hot cocoa by the fire, because Autumn has officially arrived.

As with the changing of the seasons, it’s only right that your interior décor gets an upgrade too. We’ve created this stunning display using a variety of our favourite harvest must-haves and pulled together our top styling tips to help transform your home and inspire you to fall in love with Fall. 

Orange you glad it’s Autumn?

Is there anything more beautiful than watching the leaves transform from luscious green to a glowing auburn?

Bright and burning orange beautifully encapsulates the season, so don’t be afraid to incorporate this bold pop of colour into your home. When paired with neutral warm tones, this colourful addition can make for an utterly aut-yum display.

This classic yet rustic autumnal wreath is so much more than just door décor. The differing tones of orange, red and yellow leaves, plus the subtle addition of pumpkins and acorns, screams pure autumnal vibes and truly embraces the changing seasons. Not only that, but it also makes for a perfect tablescape centerpiece when surrounded by these delicate warm white firefly lights woven between the leaves.

A scattering of orange around the home will help tie the setting together nicely. Add an adorable checked pumpkin here, and a quirky rustic gonk there to keep the seasonal cheer flowing throughout your display.

Try branching out

Incorporating the beauty of nature into your home is a great way to give a subtle autumnal nod. These copper-coloured cluster berries look simply stunning draped over a mantle, placed over a plate setting or even dotted along the table.

If you want to really push the rustic vibes, our Willow twig lights are the perfect way to bring the beauty and simplicity of nature home. These five decorative branches come adorned with 50 warm white dazzling LED lights. Place them in a vase in the corner of the room to create a homely, ambient atmosphere that effortlessly lights up your room.

Seasonal styling you can hold a candle to

To us, Autumn is all about making your home as snug and cosy as possible. The summer heat has gone and we’re all getting ready for that crisp Christmas chill.

Warming, comforting lighting is the optimum way to amp up the cosy and cocoon yourself in autumnal bliss, and there’s no better way of doing this than filling your home with the low glow of candlelight.

We have completed surrounded this table setting with flickering, realistic LED candles to give the home some much needed added warmth.

This 3-wick authentic flame candle emits more light than its real flame counterpart and is much safer to use as the central focus of your wreath, especially when little fingers are at bay. This, coupled with a selection of our battery-operated chapel candles will truly set your home alight.

As you’d decorate your home with different textures, we’d also recommend incorporating differing heights and sizes of candle into your display. These cream tapered flickering candles come with a glowing recommendation from us, and are a great way to mix up your display and add a touch of class and will help your display to reach new lights.  

Join us in creating this utterly glowrious and beautiful autumnal tablescape and be sure to share your images with us on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #ShareTheJoy – and we’ll share our favourites!

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