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I’d like to think it wasn’t that long ago that I was packing up my new washing basket, single bed sheets and Pukka Pad project book and heading off to university. But, despite how much time has actually passed, there is one thing I remember pretty well and, shockingly, it has nothing to do with studying. That is that fairy lights are an absolute necessity for anyone going off to university.

Right now you might think that fairy lights are the least of your worries when you’ve got to concern yourself with how you will actually survive living away from home, whether you’ll be able to make friends straight away and can you actually survive on a diet of Super Noodles and vodka? But let me tell you, the moment you walk into those dingy UK halls and take your first steps into a room that more closely resembles a long abandoned patient’s room in a psychiatric centre (which after a full freshers’ week might actually feel pretty fitting) you’ll be glad you listened.

Now you already have your checklist of Uni supplies that you absolutely need, but once you’ve got your pots, pans, stationary and bedding, you might want to take a moment and wonder whether that new duvet cover is going to be enough to make your room feel homely on those odd nights between partying and studying, when you actually do miss being at home (trust me, those nights will come). Yes, even with the matching throw, it’s probably not going to cut it, but I’ll tell you what does instantly make you feel warm and cosy… yeah you guessed it, fairy lights!

And, if you’re not that worried about making your room feel homely, then look at it this way – what better way to make friends than to have the nicest room? Everyone wants to be the life and soul of the party and that’s a lot easier when your room is one that people actually want to visit, not the room down the hall with the lingering smell of old dishes and unwashed towels. In fact, let’s think of your dorm room as the ‘keg of beer’ that American fraternity parties typically revolve around (or at least they do in the movies).

Spoiler alert: your university might not be quite the same as you’ve seen it on TV, think a little less 90210 and a little more Skins with a lot of fancy dress socials thrown in (if I sound bitter, it’s only because I’m jealous of all you freshers).

Now we’re getting off topic, here are a bunch of our favourite images and products to help inspire you and give you some ideas on how to have the brightest, cosiest and most inviting room in your hall. You’ll notice we’ve gone a bit image heavy in this post, but trust me, you’ve got enough reading ahead of you!

FYI…Our Peg Fairy Lights recently featured in The Times article ‘Stylish Student Living on a Budget (below). If it’s good enough for them . . . !

 26 08 16 - The Times (Bricks Mortar) - A guide to stylish student living - on a budget 

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