Interior Décor

Add a glow to your bedroom with fairy lights

If you follow our blogs, then you’ll know that for the whole of this month we’re encouraging everyone to keep the glow up in their homes to help combat those pesky festive blues.

Remember #TheShowMustGlowOn! So what better place to start, than by keeping a warm glow in the place you start every day; your bedroom.

We’ve got some great tips on how to make your bed and bedroom the warm escape it should be at this time of year, so come in from the cold and have a quick read of our 6 favourite ways to add a cosy glow to your bedroom this January.

Warmly wrapped

January is definitely the month of keeping wrapped up warm, so why not do the same with your bed? This idea is perfect if you have an iron bed frame with lots of detail; simply take your favourite fairy lights and wind them through your entire bed frame.

 Sassy shelves

Illuminate all your favourite bits and bobs by adding fairy lights to your shelves. Whether it’s a bookcase or floating shelves, fairy lights will instantly make any area look more loved! We love using wire lights for, this since they can easily be wound around different items to help make them shine.

Mirror mirror

If you don’t fancy a glowing bed (or you already have fairy lights there and want other ideas), then how about adding a glow to your morning routine by draping some fairy lights over your mirrors? Nothing says good morning better than a Hollywood glow and, let’s face it, we’re all looking slightly more tired this January, so a nice fairy light glow will do wonders for those under-eye bags.


 Magic lamp

If you’re looking for something with a bit more personality, then how about swapping your standard bedside lamp for something a little more bespoke? Take any jar or old drinks bottle and fill it with fairy lights. Not only will this give the perfect evening glow, but if you choose to use your favourite gin bottle, then your room will be Instagram ready in moments.


 A cosy canopy

Over the years, we’ve seen lots of different ways to add a canopy of fairy lights to your bedroom; from canopies that cover the ceiling, to stunning princess-inspired curtains, we’ve seen it all. But we also know that when it comes to motivation, you might be a little lacking this month, so why not keep it simple? Our curtain lights are a perfect way to quickly add a striking glow to your bedroom.


Twinkle tapestry

Why not choose the boho over the beautiful by framing a super chic tapestry with fairy lights? Perfect for any cool and cosy bedroom, this idea will instantly inject personality and light into any room, all you need are some pins!