How Long do Solar Lights Last?

Sadly, it isn’t possible to give an accurate figure here, as there are a variety of factors at play. Of course, principle among these is the amount of charge received by the solar light. The batteries are not the same on all solar lights though and some may have more capacity than others, meaning two lights given the same exposure to the sun may run for different lengths of time. Those solar lights incorporating larger, higher quality panels are also more likely to absorb the sun’s rays more efficiently, giving these lights a competitive advantage.

Our advice is to follow our solar lights best practice to maximise the performance from your lights. If performance is your main consideration, opt for one of the more costly lights as these usually have better components and therefore longer, more consistent performance.

How Long do LED Bulbs Last?

All of our LED bulbs are manufactured to last at least 10,000 hours but can last up to 100,000. All of our products come with a one year warranty in case of any issues.

Do Solar Lights work in winter?

Solar lights should indeed work in the winter, but the performance is unlikely to match that experienced in the summer or even spring months.

If winter performance is important, we recommend choosing a more costly light which will feature superior components and performance. Our security lights are a good example of this.

What Are Connectable Lights?

Connectable lights are sets of lights that can be connected together to create longer strings, but can still be operated from a single plug. You can connect various different types of lights together.

How Does the Connection System Work?

The connections are a simple male/female fit which plug together. There is also screw cap covering, with a rubber seal, which secures the connection and makes it water tight.

Do Solar Lights Work Indoors?

There’s nothing to stop a solar light from working indoors assuming it’s in a dark room or set to remain on permanently. Of course, it won’t be able to receive any charge whilst indoors.

Is LED Lighting Safe to use Around the Home?

LED lighting doesn’t heat up as normal filament bulbs would, so they are completely safe to be used in the home and around children and animals.

Do Your Products use AC or DC Current?

AC or DC current is only relevant when the products have to run through a transformer instead of being powered straight from the mains. All of our transformers use AC power, as do nearly all electrical appliances around the home and office.

Why are Connectable Power Packs Sold Separately?

This is basically because people can add to their connectable systems for years after their initial purchase. They already have a power pack and so it is unfair to make them pay for another if they just want to add some extra lights. Selling everything separately means that this isn’t an issue.

Why Should I Invest More in Connectable Lights?

Connectable lights systems tend to cost slightly more in the short term, due to the power supply being sold separately. However, when connecting longer lengths you will save money as you only require one plug to run your display and do not need to pay for a plug on each set of lights.