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What’s your unicorn name?

So we all know that unicorns have become more and more popular over the last year or so. You could even say they’ve surpassed mermaids in popularity? That might be taking it a bit far. We’re not trying to start any unicorn V mermaid feuds, but you can’t deny that almost every shop you walk into will have at least one piece of unicorn merchandise.

These mystical beauties are everywhere and ever since they popped back up, there’s one question that’s been bugging us, what would our unicorn name be? Not something you’d want to leave to chance, we created this super scientific chart to correctly calculate the exact amount of magic and mystery your unicorn name would include.

So here we have it! The day has finally arrived, time to put you out of your misery and wipe away those unicorn tears, simply scroll down to find out what your unicorn name is!

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