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University room inspiration

So here we are again, September has arrived, except this time you’re not going back to school you’re going off to university!

All in all there are about 4 things a typical first year university room requires: a good sized suitcase for bringing home washing you didn’t want to do yourself, a windowsill full of empty bottles so people outside know you’ve hit freshers’ week hard, a ridiculous amount of photos of your family and friends, and last but not least as many fairy lights as you can get your hands on.

Right now this all might sound a bit ridiculous but just you wait, even if you manage to avoid the first two, the photos and fairy lights are sure to appear in your room at some point, so you may as well start preparing now.

Don’t worry we won’t keep you long, we know you’ve got enough reading ahead of you, but we will show you some of our favourite ways to use fairy lights in your new (slightly dingy) university room.


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