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This Year’s Big Trend: Light up Letters A.K.A Circus Lights!

We’ve all heard the phrase “your name up in lights” – at one point having your name in lights really meant that you were a star, but today those lights aren’t just reserved for huge Hollywood stars and pop singers. Perhaps this year’s biggest trend in lighting is the use of light up letters or ‘circus lights’ in the home as well as at weddings.


Light up letters and signs have actually been around for years: we’ve seen them used at shows, cinemas, the circus, theatres, cabaret or burlesque clubs, famous destinations like the Moulin Rouge, Las Vegas, outside shops, in bars – the list goes on. These traditional movie light box style displays have always featured large bulbs and this style has been brought to the present day, when having your name up in lights is probably less important than trending on twitter.

theater vegas


The Current Trend for Light Up Letters


Whilst you can still see these types of lights at theatres, in some shops and in music videos, more recently their use has become more widespread. The graph above shows the number of people searching Google for light up letters, and might explain why you’ve probably seen them at weddings in recent years. Marquee light up signs – or circus letters as some people call them – have become the must have decoration for weddings, perhaps due to their ability to simultaneously appear modern, retro and glamourous at the same time!

love circus

Traditionally these are quite expensive though and usually far too big to have in your home. This is probably why if you do a quick search in Google you’ll find hundreds of tutorials, including our own, on how to make your own small scale light up letters for any occasion. Although these are easy enough to make, they don’t always give off quite the same effect.

Thankfully if you are keen to get that old Hollywood glow in your home without breaking the bank, the answer is now here. Small scale light up letters are upon us and they’re suitable for use in the home.

We’re about to take stock of our first range of light up signs that are perfect for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, hallway or wedding, and in fact they would make an amazing wedding/engagement present for the happy couple. There are different words to choose from at this time, but rest assured this is a trend that won’t be going away anytime soon, and our category is only going to grow.

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