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MYO Autumn Candle Holder

It’s that time of year again… the heating might have come on, those cosy socks have made an appearance and if you’re anything like some people in our office you might even be wearing a scarf (naming no names… Fiona).

It’s autumn! Now I know October isn’t everyone’s favourite month, it means summer is well and truly over although we arguably didn’t get much of one this year anyway. Don’t be too down though! Autumn has a lot to offer: Halloween, Bonfire Night, pumpkin spiced lattes and of course… this DIY project.

So, keep reading for our step-by-step guide on how to make a super cute DIY autumn mason jar tea light holder.

What you will need :


Step-by-step instructions

  1. First make sure you have everything you need to complete this DIY project, as per the list above.

what you need to make your own candle holder

2. Carefully apply glue to each leaf, being sure to spread it across the entire surface – you can use a brush here if you have one.

sticking leaf to jar for candle holder3. Gently but firmly press each leaf onto the mason jar ensuring all of the glass is covered, but not so thickly that the light will not shine through.

sticking leaf to jar to create candle holder4. Neatly tie some string or twine around the top of the jar, just below the lid, to bind the look together (if you can excuse the pun).

tie string around jar to add effect

  1. Rinse and repeat to gather your required number of jars and then find a home for them in your desired location. Hopefully it will look even better than ours below.


The finished article

If you like, you can keep a couple of the leaves spare to spread around the bottom of the jar as I’ve done below.

MYO jar and leaf candle holder

I hope you enjoyed this quick read! Be sure to share the blog if you think your friends might like it too, and also check out all of our other DIY projects for more homely inspiration.

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