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Why you should love Stranger Things, but still keep your fairy lights up

So now most of you might be experiencing a massive comedown after marathoning Stranger Things. If you’re not, then we’re going to need you to stop reading this immediately and return to Netflix.

So yes, Stranger Things has enriched our lives in so many ways; it was the 80s throwback we’d been begging for and, most importantly, it introduced us to Barb (then took her away but we won’t talk about that). It also finally answered that age old question, ‘Is a sling shot a sufficient weapon to use against a Demogorgon from another dimension?’

However, we have seen some anxious tweets from people eager to take their fairy lights down after binge-watching the first season, so we thought we’d best chime in and put your fears to rest.

Now, we do accept that you might have some lingering PTSD when it comes to eating waffles and listening to The Clash, but we can assure you there is no need to take down your fairy lights, as long as they are LEDs that is. You see, the lights Joyce Byers used to communicate with Will, and others, in the “upside down” were clearly filament bulbs. An outdated technology that we at Festive Lights haven’t used in our string lights for years.

Now look, we’re not trying to keep this “curiosity door locked” or anything, if you’re trying to contact the other-side, maybe to see if Eleven is stuck there with the Demogorgon, then go for it.  But, as long as you use LED bulbs, we can assure you (and ourselves) that there is no danger of being contacted by anyone or anything currently residing in the “upside down” (even barb), so there is nothing to be afraid of, honestly, if we’re not scared with a warehouse full of lights then you definitely shouldn’t be. Unless you start coughing up slugs, then you can panic.